Worm Gearboxes

Worm Gearboxes

It consists of a single stage worm and wheel gear. There is a friction-based work due to its gear structure. In order to minimize the inefficiency caused by friction, the worm screw is made of steel and gear gear bronze material. In worm gear reducers, high conversion rate can be obtained in one stage. When lower rotation demands are present, the helical joint can be achieved with the body.

They are preferred in machines with low torque requirements due to their more affordable price range compared to other gearbox groups and their compact body structure. Since the gear gear is made of bronze material, the costs increase after a certain size and the price advantage over other reducer groups disappears. Therefore, they are produced in the low torque range. Worm gear reducers have autoblocking features that other gearbox types do not have. It is possible to use the worm type gearboxes with an efficiency value below 50% without brakes in applications where brakes are needed (eg inclined conveyor).


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