Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Due to the narrow body structure and the sleeve of the output shaft, it provides an important ease of assembly on the machine it is used. There is no need to use any connection element between the machine shaft and the reducer shaft. The machine shaft passes directly to the reducer hollow shaft. This results in a more compact connection.

The gearbox body is intended to be kept as narrow as possible. For this reason, the helical gear stages are placed on top of each other in the body, with angles between them. Apart from the standard output hollow shaft, if desired, the output can be supplied with a solid shaft and flange. When used as a hollow shaft, it is recommended that the gearbox body be connected to the machine with a torque arm. There is a torque arm connection hole on the body as standard. Assembly can be done easily through the torque arm connection hole with rubber elements.


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