Reducer is the name given to the gear system that changes the torque ratio of the rotational motion through gears. Reducers can be characterized as a member of the parallel gear strings of the gear wheel assemblies together with the gearbox.

Structurally, the reducer consists of gear wheels, shafts, bearings and so on. It is the general name for systems consisting of parts.

Reducers, consisting of gear wheel systems, are important elements that are used in a wide range of industries such as cement-concrete and automotive, as well as small-scale production factories, elevators, robots, crane systems and automation systems.

The gearboxes, which have a very wide area of use, contain the whole system and serve as a reservoir for lubrication and the gear wheels (straight, helical, conical, etc.), roller bearings (ball, conical, roller, etc.), sealing elements (liquid gasket. , felt rings etc.), shafts (stepped, wedge, etc.) and fastening elements (bolt, welding, soldering, etc.).

The reducer is a gear wheel system. A gear mechanism consists of at least two gears, one rotating and the other rotating. The smaller of these two gears is called 'pinion' and the larger one is called 'heel'.

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