Roof Fans

Roof Fans

Different ventilation systems are used in industrial and industrial areas or in many places where daily life is lived, such as car parks, shopping malls, residences, plazas. Accordingly, the roof fan and its types vary according to the system.

In general, roof fans and their types are divided into two. We can evaluate two different product groups as radial roof fan and axial roof fan. Radial fans are the type of fan used for areas where air exchange is necessary to ensure that the environment has clean air, and areas where excessive polluted air, gases and vapors are formed. They are frequently used fans for homes, workshops, foundries, mechanical, chemical and metallurgy industries. It is made of stainless sheet material. There are backward inclined wing systems. In order to prevent an accident, the propeller is surrounded by iron wires. At the top of the fans, there is a head made of aluminum that prevents the effects of external factors and the external atmosphere.

Another fan type among the roof fans and their varieties is the axial type roof fan. The motor part of the axial fans made of carbon steel or stainless steel is made of aluminum or high strength PVC, sheet metal or galvanized.

Among the roof fan and its types, there are heat-resistant, rare blade, dense bladed horizontal and vertical throw fan types.

Each of the fans used for roofs have different heat resistance and air flow rates. The roof fan to be used in the chimney of an apartment building and the fans that should be used on the roof of the facility producing a medicine differ. Likewise, roof fans used for shopping malls and parking garages, and the fan types used for the kitchens and rooms of restaurants and hotels also differ.


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