Literally means cleaner. It is an electrically operated tool used to clean the used air in its environment. The other known name of aspirators among the people is fan. Aspirators (fans) are divided into two according to their characteristics.

Suction Fan: This fan is called an aspirator as it sucks the air in the environment.

Blowing Fan: This fan is called a ventilator as it provides the renewal of the ambient air.

The impeller, the moving element of the fan, works on the air and gives it static and kinetic energy. The ratio of these static and kinetic energies added to the air depends on the type of fan. The use of suction (return) fan is optional in small systems; It is required in systems that work with indoor - outdoor air mixture. In order to compensate for the effect of fixed exhaust systems (such as toilet aspirators) and to create a surplus pressure in the air-conditioned space, suction fans operate with a slightly smaller flow rate than supply fans. The exhaust fan is found in systems that work with the indoor - outdoor air mixture, but the suction fan is not used, and it provides the exhaust air as much as the outdoor air taken. This air cleaning process; It is in the form of throwing the used air out of the environment or by placing a carbon filter at the outlet of the aspirator to clean the air and return the air to the environment.

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