Ex-Proof Motors

Ex-Proof Motors

Ex-proof electric motors in the most basic definition; The sparks that can withstand gas or vapor explosions and that may occur due to the explosion will cause the gas in the environment, etc. These are electric motors that prevent them from contacting with the fire and causing explosion.

Exproof motors are designed in a way not to cause explosion in environments with explosive gas, vapor and dust classified as hazardous areas, and are used indoors and outdoors. Within the scope of the 'Regulation on Equipment and Protective Systems Used in Potentially Explosive Environments (94/9 / EC)', devices used in places with risk of explosion and burning must comply with the standards and rules required by these environments.

Ex-proof electric motors; It is used in underground and aboveground mines, refineries, shipyards, filling facilities, industrial factories such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, perfumes and similar flammable and explosive gas environments that pose a similar risk.

Although ex-proof electric motors have flame, spark and arc impermeability properties, their surface temperatures are also limited according to their protection classes. Internal structures are different from the electric motors used in the industry. They do not overheat, for example, they do not cause these substances to burn or explode when they are operated in environments containing gasoline, thinner, alcohol and solvents.


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