Servo Motor Brakes

Servo Motor Brakes

SMF series brakes are the same principle as Spring Applied Brakes (YBF Series). It provides the same precision operation in accordance with the high operating speeds and precision of servo motors. It has a compact structure that does not require brake adjustment. It is used to hold the servo motor shaft in the desired position for safe operation.

The system, which is in brake state when there is no electrical energy, with the magnetic field created by the energy coming on the coil, defeats the compression springs installed in the body and pulls the pressure flange to the body. The lining, which is freed with this gap, releases the spindle to which it is connected with the gear and wedge in its core. When it is desired to switch to the braking position, the electrical energy is cut off and the effect of the magnetic field on the stator is removed. In this way, the installed springs move the pressure flange, the lining is compressed between the mounting flange and the pressure flange, and braking is made.


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