Electromagnetic Brake and Clutch Combinations

Electromagnetic Brake and Clutch Combinations

ABG series brake and clutch groups are the systems formed by the installation of Electromagnetic Brake (ABF) and Electromagnetic Clutch (ABK) products in the same body. These compact bodies are designed according to the size of the motor body. It provides mounting with standard IEC B5 and B14 flanges used in asynchronous motors and gearboxes.

When electrical energy is supplied to the system, the magnetic field first activates on the brake side and the brake is deactivated according to the scenario of the system and the clutch is activated. In this way, the movement of the system is ensured in a controlled manner. When the motion transmission in the system scenario is completed, the clutch is deactivated and the brake is activated again and the movement of the system is stopped. In principle, since the motor continues to operate continuously without stopping, the motor energy consumption is reduced and it does not have to overcome the starting inertia again.


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